Saturday, 24 May 2014

What a thing to choose

Well, this is it. I'm coming home already. And I knew that it would come to this - it was hard to keep blogging regularly, but I'm planning to tell about my time in Sheffield afterwards, when I actually get time to choose the best photos and think about my exchange through in general.

Now I am way too tired to carry on writing if I want to pack my bags properly without any panic tomorrow. I'll get back writing when I have more time for that. See you later!

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

'I might be an underachiever, but I do have a name!' - the girl who's always late

Aaaand here I am again. Long time no BBC. I mean, see. But that's right as well; I've been watching anime instead of Classic Who for two weeks now. Sadly, my procrastination knows no limits...! *starts to plot seppuku*

I'm at Collegiate Learning Centre, and I should be writing my seminar short answers. Since I was late again, I have to finish on my own. Two questions out of six done at the moment. I feel useless. I've been late for lectures almost every single time after January. And there's no progress in my dissertation/thesis whatsoever. I have failed both universities already (and my dissertation tutors never answered my email. I gotta let them know that I am deeply sorry and still alive...)! I really do hope there is still some hope left for me (no pun intended).

I actually fell in love with this anime series called KILL la KILL recently. I also made a playlist inspired by it as well! You can listen to it here. I've been at home watching anime and other stuff even more than back in Finland, to be honest. Nope, haven't been clubbing yet, not even once. Just been to pubs a couple of times, and those times have always had something to do with local politics. Can't stop the signal! Sheesh, I bought two hard-covers of Serenity comics. Yet still I'm planning to buy a DW audio story with Katy Manning's autograph. Goodbye, money!

I think I should resume my studying and this seminar stuff already. See you around!

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Moving on... Can't stop the signal!

Got the new hoover on Tuesday, and the bedding set from uni as well! :3 The set had bed linen, too, yay! Now having a bit of a congested nose, thanks to the cleaning I did. The hoover is so shiny that I'd like to keep it... Well, not really, but it's so cool! Still waiting for them to fix my radiator and change the light bulbs from kitchen/lounge room... At the office they said that it all will be done next week. Argh, why does everything take so long here? :'D I mean, I enrolled just yesterday, and it takes about 24 hours for the modules to be even seen. Then I have to choose and confirm them, so I can access my timetable.

On Tuesday I went to Hallam University's Sci-fi and Fantasy Club's Welcome-back-meal-thingy. I had a steak, can't remember what kind exactly, but next time I should order more prepared than a medium... I really did say medium plus, but it was still quite raw... At least I got to meet cool people, we talked about Doctor Who and Firefly! ♥ One guy said that he'd bring the Firefly boardgame tnext day, but he couln't, so I didn't have to go to the centre on Wednesday after all :3 Maybe next week then...

Update commence! A handyman switched the light bulbs to the kitchen/lounge area, finally! My room is still a bit cold, though... I guess I have to complain again.

Well, by midnight I could see two of my four modules, but unfortunately only on my SHUspace Blackboard... I still can't confirm my modules on My Student Record or see anything in my Assessment Diary... Error is over 9000! Lame jokes again, yay :'D

I was thinking of going to the walk to Weston Park tomorrow (today) morning at 10 am, but I also have a deadline of my thesis' method part on Monday... So maybe I have to skip that, it seems to be quite cloudy anyway. I'll go to sleep now, I've been awake quite late this week as well - I'm still adapting to the Greenwich Mean Time... :D

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

From York Minstry to the Satan Pit - that's how I spend my weekends(?)

My first weekend in Sheffield included a trip to York and a peculiar Sunday, I'd say. Well, first I'll tell about York. I went to the Owen building (main entrance at City Campus) to wait for our departure. I think we were half an hour late to go, 'cos the student crew member taking us there had a little injury 'cos he slipped on the way. Yes, it was raining, actually it rained all day long, even in York. "What a beautiful weather to visit York!" said one shopkeeper there :D

York was very pretty, not too big, but the trip included a lot of walking, because every single shop and café was scattered around there... I'll add photos here later when I have time and/or feel like it.

My feet were kind of sore the next day... Still, I think I spent the best Sunday in ages! I went to the Sunday service with my host family, and then to a antiques store / flea market thingy! :3 The worship was a bit different from the ones I'm used to, but it was fun :D And I bought some Doctor Who, Star Trek, Monty Python, and Les Mis DVDs... I even bought Doctor Who: The Satan Pit Set, it looks like this :3 Later we had a "family dinner", and my hostess' daughter said I look younger than I am! I'm going to miss them all ;u;

I started writing this on Sunday or Monday, but since I've been busy with moving my stuff, I only finished it now :'D Next post will be about moving in and exploring a new area, Ecclesall Road!

Friday, 17 January 2014

The Lazy European Walkers

The new indie rock band in Sheffield, even comparable to Arctic Monkeys!! ...Nah, not really. The title of this entry is the name of our team in the Sheffopoly game this afternoon :D There were two Finnish girls (me and my friend), a Danish girl and a German girl in our team. We were too lazy to take a taxi or a bus, so we just walked around the city centre. I discovered many new places, such as a HMV (a shop of CDs, records, DVDs, video games...)! ♥ I bought some anime DVDs from one in London in 2011. It's been so long...

I'm really tired right now, so I won't write more today. Sheffield citizens would just say "Be reet", which means that I should take it easy, it'll be fine. Goodnight for now, tomorrow is the big trip! ♥

"There are no ghosts and not too many aliens in Sheffield."

Are you alright? Why do I start with a question like that, you ask? Well, many people use that here... Don't know if it's like "how do you do?", or do people really ask that... :D Well, guess I can ask someone tomorrow!

Today, starting at 9.30 am, began the orientation, finally! The Student crew and staff were a lot of fun to watch, especially Andrew, Yat, and the Brazilians :D Sheffield Hallam is a very friendly place, even when it comes to staff! :3 They are the most approachable people, like, ever. ♥ Well, at least compared to some other places.

Everything went well, hence the fact that I failed to lock the door in the morning (luckily I wasn't the last one to leave). I even caught the bus in the morning - like a boss. I know, that was a lame one. Sorry not sorry :D I got to the City Campus in time, 'cos a very friendly lady helped me, I didn't even ask! :3 And after the hectic day of cultural diversity, local sweet chili and lime crisps (doesn't beat Finnish university lunches, though), vaccinations, chatting with a copper in the Marketplace, and late househunting with a new Portuguese friend, I even managed to disembark on the right bus stop! ♥ I'm getting the hang of it already, yay :3 But now for bed, the orientation continues 9.30 am!

Thursday, 16 January 2014

And now for some night blogging

"And now for something completely different..." Actually, I'd say yes to that. Tuesday was quite a long day in the end. I slept quite late, had a late breakfast... I was bound to miss the shopping tour anyway. Instead I took a bus knowing that I was late, and wandered off myself. And had my first Burger King meal ever. Wasn't that bad, actually :3

I went to see the landlord of a flat on Talbot Street which I viewed on Monday. I had to tell the landlord that the location wouldn't be ideal for me, since I'll have my course in Southborne, which is in Collegiate Crescent Campus. He showed me to other flats: one was in Norfolk and the other was on London Road. Norfolk one was quite luxurious compared to the Talbot Street one, but it would be quite far even from City Campus, even though buses go quite regularly to the Centre from there. The flat on London Road was... Well, okay, but there area would have been too noisy, and I should have either walked long-ish distances to both campuses, or taken the bus every day.

Luckily I got a call from an agent in Ecclesall, and he showed me a flat on Wednesday! :3 It was so nice in an ideal place, so I had to take it...! About 5 minutes to Collegiate Campus, and buses to City Campus about every 3-5 minutes. The rent is a little high, but at least it's all-inclusive! I also bought one SD card on Ecclesall Road, there are so many shops and cafés there :3 ♥

I'll tell you more tomorrow or later this week, but not on Saturday, because I'm going to York! ♥